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Meet Pushpesh Pathak​

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Motivation Speaker​

Pushpesh Pathak brings with him an extensive experience from the corporate world, where he was employed prior to establishing his own retail pharmacy in 1987. With more than 32 years of pharmacy retail experience and with his zest to keep learning, his trainings are practical and close to reality.

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Specially Designed Programs

Secret to Getting Everything You Want​

This program will help, how to make goals and the stretegical plan to achieve all the goals in decided time

15 Practice for Managers

This program will help Managers to assess & sharpen their Managerial skills

Set Right Work Culture

This program will help to set right work culture & new employee to guide and set in to the right culture

The 13 C’s Team Building

This program will help managers to work more efficiently in the Team


This program will make person to convert their dreams into the GOALS. The program also clears some hidden doubts.

Soft Skill Training

This program will increase communication skills & help them to understand people more effectively

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This program will increase productivity & control over Time wasters

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This prgram will make participants to set GOALS/TARGETS and achieved them with out stress.

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This program will increse productivity and smoothen Team work

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This program will increasing team and organizational productivity – Internal relationship

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Leadership & Managerial Skills Trainings

This program will increase Managers Leadership Skills

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This prgram will make participants to have more confidence and learn all the skills to do right business setup

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This program will help participants to understand/ controll/ given right direction to anger/stress

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This program will understand negotiation process and close more sales

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·self-awareness.• personal development.• improving communications.Interpersonal relationships.• group dynamics.inter group relationships

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complimenting it with systematic problem solving approaches. Makes participants, a stand out. People are trained to do the usual.• Increased confidence.

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Enhances relationships in the workplace. Promotes business growth. Enhances impression. Help professionals gain Business travel etiquette. Enhances non-verbal communication

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Know your weakness and convert in to Strengths

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