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Success is always the result of  

  •  Setting clear goals, 
  •  Planning the journey towards achieving those goals, 
  •  Taking consistent actions, and 
  •  Overcoming all the blocks in your way.” 

 STEP 1 – Decide What You Want 

STEP 2 – Create Highly Charged Goals

STEP 3 – Give Each Goal a Deadline

STEP 4 – Program Your Mind

STEP 5 – Plan for Accelerated Success

STEP 6 – Become a High Performer

STEP 7 – Overcome Limiting Beliefs    

“The 7 Steps To Getting Everything You Want  

STEP 1 – Decide What You Want:  

If you don’t already know exactly what you want, don’t worry, because in step 1, you’ll find out exactly what you want. You’ll do brainstorming sessions that will enable you to set clear goals for each major area in your life.  

STEP 2 – Create Highly Charged Goals: 

You will create condensed goals that include a powerful motivating factor. This will help you inject emotional power and energy into every goal that you set. 

There are mostly 2 things in life. 1 is to earn for your survival. 2nd to live for your purpose, which make you happy, what really you love, by doing that, you are always energetic and feel good, you are yourself motivated by your own. And that is called intrinsic motivation.

Explain about what is Intrinsic & Extrinsic. How Intrinsic Motivation helps us to success in the life and achieved our desired Goals.

STEP 3 – Give Each Goal a Deadline:

You’ll regroup you goals into short, medium, and long-term goals, and you’ll set a specific deadline for each goal.  

STEP 4 – Program Your Mind:  

You’ll convert your condensed goals into powerful affirmations that program your mind for success. You’ll also learn how to overcome negative thoughts, and use creative visualisation, and other powerful mind programming technologies to speed up the process of achieving every one of your goals.  

STEP 5 – Plan for Accelerated Success:  

You’ll create highly effective action plans that will help you to move towards each of your goals more quickly. You’ll also discover how to use mind mapping and focusing questions, so that you keep moving towards your goals in the fastest, most efficient way possible, while eliminating wasted time. 

After 1 or 2 or 3 months, you have increased your confidence and now you are master your time. So, may be after 3 months or earlier (when you have complete confidence on yourself and you have also developed the qualities, which required to achieve your Goals).

STEP 6 – Become a High Performer:  

You’ll start using the same strategies and habits that high performers use to achieve their goals more quickly. You will also discover how to save time, and accomplish more each day. You will also learn how to reduce stress, and improve your performance in every area of your life. You will discover powerful methods to plan your days, and find out how to dramatically improve your health, energy, and brain power in as little as 2 minutes.  

STEP 7 – Overcome Limiting Beliefs:  

You will take back full control of your life again by finally rooting out the negative conditioning that’s been holding you back since you were a child. Conditioning that has been preventing you from achieving your life’s biggest goals. You will also learn how to overcome that conditioning so that you can achieve all your goals faster and a lot easier. Magnifiers: In addition, to these seven steps, you will also find six “Magnifiers” spread throughout this book. These magnifiers can greatly enhance your results. Not only can they speed up the achievement of your goals tenfold, they can also enable you to become deeply happy and fulfilled, and they can bring a greater sense of meaning and purpose into your life, so that you become truly unstoppable”  

“In the main steps of the system, you will learn: How to use brainstorming sessions to discover what you really want from life, if you are not already clear. How to combine and condense your goals, so that they become highly charged and far more powerful. How to regroup your goals with time limits, so that they are achieved more easily.  How to convert condensed goals into powerful affirmations, that program your subconscious mind to bring you what you want. And how to combine affirmations with cutting-edge technology, so you can speed up the achievement of your goals. Simple techniques to create highly focussed action plans, that you can use to move towards your goals more quickly. Powerful high-performance techniques to free up your time, give you more energy and focus while reducing stress, so that you can progress all your goals more easily. How to finally root out and overcome self-limiting beliefs and conditioning that have been sabotaging your success for many years.”