Possibility Thinking

As the title would imply, the possibility Thinking process will help you and your team find different ways to achieve results. In a world where we seem to be constantly demanding more from less, managers and teams simply have to find creative ways of getting things done more effectively. Possibility Thinking has been designed to provoke your thinking.

What would you use possibility thinking for?

  1. Possibility Thinking can be used as: A coaching toll to help an individual set an objective properly, and create a thorough action plan.
  2. An enabling processes to set a team to identify ways of achieving an objective and take ownership of that achievement.
  3. A process to encourage your teams to think more creatively.
  4. A checking mechanism to make sure that existing goals and objectives are on track and aligned with corporate strategies.
  5. A system within a re-organization or when managing change to ensure a smooth transition, and that the individuals involved understand their role in the change.
  6. A problem-solving tool that is effective at every organizational level for both teams and individuals.
  7. A process it drive continuous improvement.

The possibilities are endless!

Dr. Paresh Kariya, Director- Service, Otis Elevator & co. address on “Possibility Thinking” (AMA June 2011)