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Stress free zone ahead

Be clutter free:

One simple way to get a sense of well being is to de-clutter your workstation. Keep your office desk clean and organized. Being organized will give you a sense of having control. Maintain files to manage your paper work and have small boxes for your stationary. Ensure that stationary that is used frequently (pens, pencils, notepads, etc.) is handy. Spend a few minutes daily to arrange your things. A messy table only adds to stress. Well arranging your table well is just the beginning. It is equally important to have a well-organized computer, wherein you can find your documents with just
one click. Write down your tasks for the day if you think you are likely to miss out on something and make a mind map of all the activities to keep your prepared. To-do-lists are of great help to prioritize and ensure all-important tasks are listed.


Colour it right:

Colours have a strong impact. “Although bright colors can be stimulating, they can also be distracting and even lead to restlessness. The basic rules to use colour logically say that bright hues may be used to accent, but not as a dominant colour. For instance, too much of red can create tension; but if used in moderation with a neutral colour it can add to the motivational level. It can prove to be an ideal colour for a marketing office, “explains Kajal Gaba who specialized in designing murals, and is a theme and colour consultant. He continues, ” Aqua and shades of blue when balance with milky white walls can help lend a calming effect and relax strained eyes. Amalgamating the brighter hues with subdued ones goes a long way here in order to control stress levels and increase productivity.’


Do it up:

Make your work area a cheerful and comfortable place to be – after all you spend most of your time there. You could use colourfull posters, cut- outs, funny or inspirational quotes, fresh flowers or indoor plants, photographs or any kind of decoration that will make you feel happy and create a soothing atmosphere. A good idea would be to have a calendar with all the holiday marked on it. Every time you see the calendar, the upcoming holiday will definitely boost your spirits.


Take a break:

Take short breaks whenever possible. Including small activities like a sort walk after lunch or taking the staircase instead of the elevator will be a good exercise and also give you the much –needed push. When you feel you are getting stressed out, close your eyes for 30 seconds and take a few deep breaths and you will feel the difference. Do not keep staring continuously at the computer for long, take a break and simply look out of the window. Try meditating for a few minutes. IT will help you rejuvenate.


Eat right:

No matter how busy you are, do not skip meals. In fact, as far as possible avoid eating your lunch at your desk. Include fresh fruits and fruit juices in your diet as it helps maintain your energy levels. Once in a while you could also munch on dry fruits. In an air-conditioned set-up, you are likely to feel less thirsty. But water intake is essential. Remember, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated.


Music notes:

Music definitely has the power to simply make one feel relaxed and keep stress at bay. Instrumental music is a good option if you wish to relax. But refrain from plying loud music as it may be a nuisance to others. So plug in your ear-phones and unwind for a while. Says Barkhaa Sharma of T-series, “ In our office we have music playing all the time, it makes a lot of difference and I find it very relaxing. We also have a guitar in the office – once in a while we also get into the singing mode.

Ergonomic solutions:

The principles of ergonomics help reduce stress and eliminate potential injuries and disorders caused due to the stress on muscles, resulting from bad posture and repeated tasks. In recent years, ergonomists have attempted to define postures, which minimize unnecessary static work and reduce the forces acting on the body. Avoid couching and sit straight. Ideally, your feet should rest on the floor comfortably with the knee bending at 90 degrees. Ensure that your back is well supported. Another important feature would be effective lighting. Studies suggest that natural light increase human productivity and reduce fatigue. So ensure that your desk is well lit.

Books and Games:

If your office has a library, make optimum use of it. Pick up a book or magazine and sit back during your free time. Comics are good options to de- stress. “ We have a dartboard in office and have an open space where one could chose between a game of badminton and cricket. There are many books and magazines provided in the office so that one can just unwind with a book for a while. All these things help relax one’s mind so that they feel rejuvenated once they get back to work. The idea is not to let the stress get to you,” say Yogesh Shah who works for The backpacker Co.

Winding up….

Stress is an inevitable part of any profession. While you may consider the above pointers, the fact remains that ways of de- stressing are very subjective and may doffer from individual to individual.. So include a few changes in your routine and enjoy your work.